May 08, 2024

Sidebar Hacks for Horse Browser

Written by Eleanor McKeown

Sidebar Hacks for Horse Browser

May 8, 2024 04:10 PM
Learn Sidebar Hacks for Horse Browser. Explore Horse Browser’s sidebar features
Horse Browser is a new web browser, designed for online research. As you browse with Horse Browser, all your online research is neatly saved as nested pages in a vertical Sidebar. This means you can keep track of research and say goodbye to the messy Tabs you’re used to in Google Chrome.
In this blog post, we’ll be sharing a few simple Sidebar hacks to help you understand and get the most out of using Horse Browser.

➤ How does Horse Browser work?

Horse Browser replaces Tabs with its own unique navigation method, named Trails. Every time you click on a link, a new page is opened on the Trail, creating nested pages in your Sidebar that perfectly track your online research.
Trails act as your History, Bookmarks and Tabs in one. You can delete, move, re-name and customise pages in your Trails to efficiently organise your online research.
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➤ Why is the Sidebar so important in Horse Browser?

The Sidebar is where the magic happens in Horse Browser. It’s where your Trails of pages are stored.
And it's where you can re-arrange your Trails and pages to create your own filing and productivity system.

➤ How to open the Page Options Menu in the Sidebar

When you right-click a page or click ••• next to a page in the Sidebar, the Page Options menu will appear. It includes many useful features.
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You can choose various options in the Menu which initiate the following features:
Edit link - changes the URL you are currently viewing
Copy link - copies the page’s URL to paste or share
Set name - changes the name of your page to its own unique name
Set icon - adds a custom icon to your page
Back - navigates back from your current page
Forward - navigates forward from your current page
Reload - reloads your current page
Open Page - opens a new page on the Trail
Close Page - closes your current page

➤ The Layout of the Sidebar

New Trails open by default at the top of your Sidebar, although you can drag-and-drop your pages and Trails to wherever you wish.
To open up a new Trail, click + at the top of the sidebar.
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When you view Downloads and History in Horse Browser, these will appear as lists at the bottom of your sidebar.

➤ How to hide the Sidebar

To collapse the sidebar click << at the top of the Sidebar
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Hiding the Sidebar is a useful option if you want to do some deep focus work on a specific page. Perhaps you need to draft a long email, read a research paper or tweak a design layout. This view will keep you focused.
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Hiding the Sidebar gives you plenty of screen real estate and your Trails are waiting for you whenever you expand the Sidebar again.

➤ To learn more

To learn more about Horse Browser, visit here.
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