🐴 Horse


Horse is under development and might currently lack a few features you might want, however; users report that in its current form it solves the core problems it sets out to solve well.

The features below are in rough order of priority, but may change based on user feedback.

  • Password Manager

    Add ability to save and autofill passwords.

  • 3rd Party Password Manager Support

    Add ability to use 3rd party password managers.

  • Screen Sharing

    Add ability to share window or screen in Google Meet, etc.

  • Translation

    Add ability to translate the webpage.

  • Widevine

    Support Netflix and other DRM ‘protected’ video sources.

  • Split Tabs

    Allow multiple tabs next to each other.

  • Multi-Session

    Allow different user accounts for the same website.

  • Multi-Window

    Allow multiple windows.

  • Linux

    Add proper Linux support (without Widevine).

  • Configurable Shortkeys

    Add configurable shortkeys.

  • Regex Find-in-Page

    Add macOS Preview-like find-in-page using Regex and snapshot highlighting.

  • Media Player / PiP

    Add a central media player with Picture-in-Picture support.