Open Startup

Horse is an Open Startup, this means the metrics are shared publicly. I do this to be transparent and hopefully inspire others to build their own businesses too. 🐎

The app itself is fully private, Horse is made in the 🇪🇺 European Union and therefore doesn't collect any telemetry, these statistics are based on update checks and license checks the servers receive.

Monthly Return Revenue

Monthly Revenue



Total Riders

Active Riders

Riders by Region

🗽 North America86
🏰 Europe30
⛩️ East Asia4
🏝️ Oceania4
🪷 South Asia3
✨ Unknown2
💃 Latin America2
🕋 Middle East & North Africa1

Top 10 Riders

RankRider IDTotal Days
#1Olive Running Horse146
#2Brown Piaffing Clydesdale123
#3Purple Prancing Shank118
#4Tomato Stampeding Eventing116
#5Blue Bending Colt109
#6Rose Bending Livestock94
#7Peach Grooming Colt85
#8Red Bending Bronco83
#9Coral Circling Blinkers82
#10Bronze Galloping Herding70

Top 25 Riders per Month