🐴 Horse

What is Horse, bro?

Well, dude, Horse is a minimalist browser that follows one simple rule: links always open in a new tab.

Whoa, but I already got a gazillion tabs open!

I know, but Horse is different from those other browsers with tabs cluttering up the top of the window.

So, like, what's the secret sauce?

Horse uses a sidebar that shows a trail of how you opened each tab. It's pretty good.

Uhhh ok, sounds cool, but how's it work?

Every time you click a link in Horse, it opens as a tab under the tab you opened it from. This way, you can 'act first and think later', because it creates some minimal organisation based on how you browse. It doesn't get in the way.

Wait, so that one thing fixes everything?

One change fixes the web. It's hard to believe at first, but it all makes sense once you build a browser around the idea.

Need to go back? Just click the previous tab.

Found something you want to read later? Drag it to a group you made for it, and close the rest.

Need to focus on something important while you have 42 tabs open to read about the history of macaroons? Just collapse the group and get back to your trail of breadcrumbs later.

Wow. And nobody has thought of this before?

Of course they have. You can find various plugins and extensions that, when combined, achieve similar results. There's whole essays about it.

But the real kicker is; this is close to how the first browser worked. We just messed it up along the way.

The web became popular at a time when our computers were kinda weak and had tiny screens, so browsers changed to showing only one website at a time, and using back and forward arrows to navigate.

Tabbed browsing kept this concept, but just increased the amount of windows going forward and backward.

Going forward and backward is what messes with our heads and why the web is overwhelming.