May 07, 2024

How to use Areas, Projects and Notes in Horse Browser

Written by Eleanor McKeown

How to use Areas, Projects and Notes in Horse Browser

May 7, 2024 05:28 PM
Learn how to use organization features in Horse Browser. A guide to Areas, Projects and Notes
In our last post, we shared how to turn Horse Browser into your own productivity system. Now we’ll be diving a little deeper on this topic and introducing you to Areas and Projects and how to use them. These are super useful tools for organising your online research and making notes along the way.

➤ What are Areas and Projects for?

Many early users of Horse Browser asked the same question: 'When are you introducing folders?'. After deep-diving online, they wanted to tidy up Trails into folders, based on different research topics and tasks. They also wanted to be able to make notes as they researched online, without having to open up a separate Notes app.
These requests inspired us to introduce two new types of Trail: Areas and Projects. An Area is a Trail with a header for your sidebar, making it easier to keep your research tidy. Projects are Trails that contain note-making so you can write and make notes directly in Horse Browser.

➤ How to use Areas in Horse Browser

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  1. To open a new Area, click on the icon on the left at the top of the sidebar
  1. Write the name of your Area and hit Return to save
  1. Scroll over the Area and click + to add Subtrails to your Area or use ⌥ ⌘ T on Mac or Alt + Ctrl + T on Windows and Linux
  1. Alternatively, simply drag-and-drop Trails inside

➤ How to use Projects and make notes in Horse Browser

notion image
  1. To open a new Project, click on the document icon at the top of the sidebar
  1. Write the title of your Project and add a custom icon by selecting the blank page symbol to the right of the title.
  1. You can then add notes to your Project area by writing under the title. At the moment, the notes in Horse Browser are plain text only but new features are coming.
notion image
  1. Scroll over the Project and click + to add Subtrails to your Project or use ⌥ ⌘ T on Mac or Alt + Ctrl + T on Windows and Linux. You can also add Side Trails to your Project.
  1. Remember, you can drag-and-drop any existing pages and Trails into your Project.


In this post we shared how to use Areas and Projects in Horse Browser. Now you are all set for the final post in our introductory guide to using Horse Browser.

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