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Ah, gather close, esteemed peers, and let us ponder a curious vision of the future. As I delicately cradle this teacup, swirling its aromatic contents, I've been privy to whispers of a forthcoming age where our voracious appetite for knowledge might lead to a peculiar kind of chaos. You see, the grandeur of future generations may extend their telegraphic capabilities so much that they can peruse not one, not two, but multitudes of documents at once – all through the marvels of electric ingenuity!

Imagine, if you will, a great, sprawling desk upon which sit myriad documents received via telegraph. One might open a scroll about the latest fashions in Paris, only to be distracted by another on the intricacies of steam engine modifications. But alas! The sheer volume of scrolls overwhelms the desk, with some almost teetering over the edge, lost to oblivion. Such might be the fate of those who attempt to embrace all the knowledge at once, lost amidst a sea of parchment.

Yet fear not, for amidst these tidings, I've also caught wind of an invention - a 'Stable Keeper', if you will. This Keeper promises to tend to all our scrolls diligently, ensuring none are misplaced or forgotten. A guardian for the overwhelmed mind, as one tries to navigate the grand telegraphic library of the future.

Of course, we must remember our place in this vast timeline. Today, we marvel at locomotives and the phonograph, finding joy in the simpler pleasures. The perils of too many telegraphic documents seem almost fantastical, a challenge for future ladies and gentlemen to decipher.

Nonetheless, as I finish my tea and reflect on these musings, it brings forth a gentle reminder. Whether it's the telegrams of today or the overflowing scrolls of tomorrow, balance, dear friends, is the key to savoring life's vast repository of wonders. Let us hope our descendants heed this wisdom. Cheers!

Overwhelmed by Tabs all day?

Find yourself Googling for the same pages? Again, and again, and again...

That's because tabs belong in a spreadsheet, not a browser.

Meet Horse, the browser with Trails®

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200+ riders


Meet the Herd

Horse has riders all over the world. From a tea ceremony master in Tokyo to an archeologist in Cambridge. Some of them even wrote about their experience.


The first stress-free browser
Horse helps you

Horse is not just the same old thing with a new look. Many browsers present themselves as the saviour from tab hell, but they end up forcing users to adopt new habits and expend a lot of mental energy to make it work. The result is even more messy browsing… but now the user gets blamed, and not the tool!

Horse Browser was birthed as a tribute to a cherished loved one navigating the challenges of ADHD. But its wide-ranging benefits make Horse the perfect tool for everyone. Rather than focusing on the little window that shows the web, Horse embraces a deeper understanding of genuine user interaction, including the web itself in its design. The philosophy is refreshingly simple: act first, think later.

How Horse stands out from the herd

Declaring Horse as the first stress-free browser isn’t hyperbole. Close it, go on vacation, return, and all your work is still there, steadfast and unaltered.

Horse transcends the standard definition of a browser. It allows users to intuitively ride the sprawling world wild web without ever worrying about tab management.


Built in Public

Horse is out of its stable and built entirely in public, I post on X and send an occasional update to the mailing list about its progress.


  • Page Trails®
  • URL Bars in Pages
  • Group Pages
  • Collapse Page Groups
  • Drag-and-Drop Pages
  • Custom Page Name
  • Custom Page Icon
  • Folders
  • Adblock
  • Dark Reader
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Find in Page
  • Undo Tab Close
  • Downloads
  • History
  • Pop-up Support
  • Picture in Picture Support
  • Collapse Sidebar
  • Duplicate Tab Prevention
  • No Duplicate Tab Titles
  • Configurable Search Provider
  • Exclude Domains from Trails®
Operating Systems
  • Windows Support
    Windows Logo
  • Mac Support
    Mac Logo
  • Linux Support
    Linux Logo


  • Password Manager
  • Translation
  • Swipe Gestures
  • Onboarding
  • Slide-over Sidebar
  • Downloads as Pages


  • Sessions (Incognito)
  • Widevine (Netflix, etc)
  • Screen Sharing
  • Multi-window
  • Splitscreen Pages
  • Command Palette
  • Find in All Pages
  • Media player controls
  • Find in Page
  • Offline Pages
  • Configurable Shortkeys
  • 3rd-party Password Managers
  • Google Chrome Extensions


A well-groomed animal

Horse is updated regularly and fully funded by its riders.
It gets plenty of love, water, and snacks.

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The delightful browser that
replaces Tabs with Trails®


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Fully funded by you. Not investors.
I'm not looking to make a fortune,
just a fabulous browser.

No tracking. No selling your data.
Made in the 🇪🇺 European Union.

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Always dreamed of owning your own Horse as a little girl? Here's your chance, sister.

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  • Your grandchildren will thank you.

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