May 03, 2024

Giveaways and User Guides

Written by Pascal Pixel

Giveaways and User Guides

May 3, 2024 11:32 AM
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Howdy Partners! Welcome to the new blog, where I'll be sharing updates on behind-the-scenes progress on building Horse Browser. Top of my current to-do list is improving onboarding for new Riders.
So we recently launched a new five-step introduction guide to using Horse. The guide introduces Riders to Trails, the defining feature of Horse.
I'm really keen to hear feedback from new Riders about the introduction guide. Did it help you on your journey? Let me know!

A Runaway Pony…

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More and more Riders have been joining the herd, thanks to @levelsio running a Horse giveaway on Twitter. It was a lot of fun to see all the support and Horse GIFs!
Being an indie maker can be pretty hectic during these runaway viral moments… Traffic hits the site, new Riders sign up… And things get a little crazy for a one-man-browser. But that’s why it’s the best ride out there!

Solo-Maker Marketing #101

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Honestly, marketing tends to get a bit neglected when I’m in the middle of building Horse Browser.
I know many solo makers find it tricky too. You're so busy making your product, you’ve got no time to shout about it. And, you're so technically involved, it becomes hard to communicate in user-friendly language.
With that in mind, I'm creating the Rider's Digest, which will be full of easy tips + tricks to get the most out of your new browser. And I'm also over-hauling the Horse Browser website. I’m determined to improve in this area and share my journey along the way.

Chatting with the Herd

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We’ve now got our very own Discord community, exclusively for Riders.
It's a fun place to chat with fellow users, request new features and report any bugs or issues. It's been great chatting with the Herd and I’m receiving some much-needed help from my gf, our new Park Ranger, who’s assisting the Rider community over there.
I'm engineering day and night to bring you the best browsing experience possible… No joke, I'm pretty tired right now… Feel free to buy me a coffee!
So, 'til next time!
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