The Browser That Gets Rid Of The Back Button

Apr 13, 2024 08:00 PM
The Browser That Gets Rid Of The Back Button
Let’s bid farewell to the back button in 2024!
Traditional browsers, like Chrome and Safari, try to fit web pages into a single window with fiddly, cluttered tabs. This means you're constantly hitting the back button and losing valuable information along the way.

The Browser That Gets Rid of the Back Button

Horse Browser takes a totally different approach by replacing tabs with Trails. Every time you click on a link in Horse Browser, it opens a new page on the Trail, merging your tabs, bookmarks and history into one easy-to-read vertical layout. So the back button becomes a thing of the past.
All you need to do is look at the preceding pages on your Trail and everything you need is right there, ready to review at a glance. Bye, bye, back button!

Navigating Back in Horse Browser

Horse Browser’s Trails feature means all you need to do is look back at your preceding pages to refer back to relevant information or understand how you got to a particular site.
That said, there might be some occasional instances where you’ll want to navigate back in Horse Browser, beyond looking at the pages in your Trails. So we have put together a few handy tips, just for you!
  • Horse Browser allows you to delete any pages you no longer need from your Trail. But if you are too hasty deleting a page, you can Undo Delete Page. Visit Menu > File > Undo Delete Page. Or use ++ T on Mac or + Ctrl + T on Windows to re-open the closed page.
  • If you have excluded a specific site from your Trails (because the site is misbehaving or for personal preference reasons), you can navigate back in the same page by:
    • ○ Entering + [ on a Mac or Ctrl + [ on Windows / Linux
      ○ Visiting Menu > Navigation > Back
      ○ Selecting Back from ••• next to the selected page
  • Finally, if you need to, you can access your History with ++ H on Mac or + Ctrl + H on Windows / Linux. Or go to Menu > View > Show History. All the sites you’ve visited in your current session will appear as a list at the bottom of your Trails. You can close History by clicking X at the top of the list or by using the History keyboard shortcuts a second time.
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