May 08, 2024

How To Navigate Back in Horse Browser

Written by Eleanor McKeown

How To Navigate Back in Horse Browser

May 8, 2024 04:23 PM
Where to find the back button in Horse Browser - learn how to navigate back
Horse Browser is a new web browser, designed for online research. As you browse, every link opens in a new page and is saved on a Trail, a list of nested pages stored in your sidebar. This means you can keep track of research and say goodbye to the messy tabs you’re used to in Google Chrome.
In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some insights into Horse Browser’s navigation. And we will bid farewell to the back button.

➤ Horse Browser Gets Rid of the Back Button

Traditional browsers, like Chrome and Safari, try to fit web pages into a single window with fiddly, cluttered tabs. This means you're constantly hitting the back button and losing valuable information along the way. And your mental resources become stretched as you add more and more information into your short-term memory.
With Horse Browser, all you need to do is look at the preceding pages on your Trail and everything you need is right there, ready to review at a glance. Meaning you can free up your mental resources for more important tasks. Bye, bye, back button!

➤ How to navigate back in Horse Browser

Horse Browser’s Trails feature means all you need to do is look back at your preceding pages to refer back to relevant information or understand how you got to a particular site.
That said, there might be some instances where you’ll want to navigate back in Horse Browser, beyond looking at the pages in your Trails. So we have put together a few handy tips.

➤ How to undo delete page

Horse Browser allows you to delete any pages you no longer need from your Trail. But if you are too hasty deleting a page, you can Undo Delete Page.
Mouse users:
  • Visit Menu > File > Undo Delete Page
Keyboard users:
  • ++ T (Mac)
  • + Ctrl + T (Windows / Linux)

➤ How to navigate back within the same page

If you wish to navigate back within the same page, it is possible to do so in Horse Browser.
Mouse users:
  • Visit Menu > Navigation > Back
  • Select Back from ••• next to the selected page
Keyboard users:
  • Enter + [ on Mac
  • Ctrl + [ on Windows / Linux

➤ How to access your history

Finally, if you need to, you can access your History in Horse Browser. All the sites you’ve visited in your current session will appear as a list at the bottom of your Trails. To access your History:
Mouse Users:
  • Go to Menu > View > Show History
Keyboard users:
  • ++ H on Mac
  • + Ctrl + H on Windows / Linux

➤ How to close history

Mouse users:
  • Click X at the top of the History list
Keyboard users:
  • Repeat the History keyboard shortcuts a second time to close
To find out more about Horse Browser, visit here or visit further Manual blog posts.

➤ In conclusion

With Horse Browser’s innovative navigation method, Trails, users won’t be reliant on the back button, which relieves the mental strain of remembering short-term information and stress of lost webpages. That said, there are various ways to navigate back, when needed, which we’ve outlined in this blog post.
To learn more about Horse Browser, visit here. Or read more how-to guides in our Manual blog series.
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