May 03, 2024

Using Horse Browser for a Month: A Review by Desk Investor

Written by Eleanor McKeown

Using Horse Browser for a Month: A Review by Desk Investor

May 3, 2024 11:51 AM
Using Horse Browser for a Month: A review of the new web browser for research by Desk Investor
This article originally appeared on the Desk Investor blog on 8th January 2024.

The best browser for research – I used Horse browser by @PascalPixel for a month and here’s my experience of this trail-blazing browser.

A little bit of context first:
– I have been a software engineer for more than 12 years now.
– I became a public listed stocks investor 4 years ago.
▶️ So it’s been a long minute since I have been living in tab hell.
As I navigate through equities and assets, the latest corporate announcements, track the market with fundamental scores and numbers, explore my watchlist, I often find myself in a position where tabs look like meaningless pixels.
Here’s a quick example of that:
notion image

Enter Horse browser 🐎

▶️ The numero uno feature of horse is that it replaces tabs with trails of organized/sequential browsing.
Lets say I open a stock screener of my choice as trail. Any link I open consecutively with clicks on that trail will continue to launch sub trails as child nodes of that trail. Automatically organizing a sequential trail from
Start -> Finish
notion image
While giving you an organised path of your specific topic of research.
It is also smart enough to open a sub trail of existing child nodes (trails) so that if you are browsing in between 2 subtrails it gives you clear demarcation of which list item you’ve opened.
Crazy? Absolutely. Awesome? Absolutely.
Here’s a quick example with 2 different watchlists/screens:
1. Growth without dilution
2. Piotroski Scan
notion image
notion image
They were two sibling trails but opening an equity from either of those watchlist will create their own brand new trails:
notion image
Organizing your research from start to finish does wonders as you can essentially watch items through them as if you’re seeking video in a video player seek-bar. This is what made me call it the best browser for research.

💯 I’ve made a list of things I absolutely loved about the browser:

▶️ I make organized folders of the creators whose content I enjoy and will continue to keep adding sub trails of their new content. As and when I need to refer to previous topics/learnings from them I can quickly seek through their releases and voila, there I have it. Saves me a ton of time 🙂 You may have seen a few of them in my screenshots
▶️ When I am debugging web-apps, I can still use a stable dev tool and have necessary library documentation of that certain app in the same folder with sibling trails.
▶️ The browser even with so many trails opened is not a RAM/memory eater as most of the other browsers tend to do.
▶️ I have not clicked a “back” button in a long while now during my research. It’s never really a single back button while researching, it always ends up being a blizzard of back quests <- <- <- to finally get to the last sane link where I have to diverge from again.
This feature alone, for me is reason enough to migrate all research to horse.
▶️ Dark reader as a default feature which auto inverts all the light websites to make them dark.
👨🏻‍💼Things I’d like to see improving:
▶️ The first thing that I’d love to see at the earliest is auto page translations. Currently when I am reading web pages in foreign languages I can’t really directly translate it to English. This is a bummer, eagerly awaiting an upgrade for this.
▶️ Some shortcuts are tricky or I probably haven’t figured it out yet. When I am in a child trail n-level down, and I instinctively press cmd+t it starts a brand new base-root level trail. cmd+n takes me to that trails top level and creates a trail there.
▶️ I definitely miss some of the chrome plugins in this.
▶️ Need to be able to open multiple windows of the horse and screen-share. (I believe they already have it on their pipeline so I am not super worried about that)
I have been to their discord page and they’re pretty active, with swift responses for any questions I have had so far, so I believe improvements must be on their way.
With all that being said, just want to thank Pascal and the browser horse team for coming up with something that’s a breath of fresh air, and need of the hour for the online research world.
Download the browser from here.
Read the original review at the Desk Investor blog. Follow Desk Investor on Threads and X.
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