Chatting Passwords and Podcasts

Apr 13, 2024 08:05 PM
Chatting Passwords and Podcasts
Posted by Pascal Pixel on 27th March 2024.
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Exciting news. We've just added the most highly-requested feature to Horse Browser: a Password Manager.
The lack of a Password Manager has been one of the biggest ‘paper cuts’ to using Horse Browser since we launched. Users would tell us they’d switch out of Horse, whenever they needed to access password-protected sites… And it was really frustrating.
Solving this has been top of my to-do list since we first welcomed Riders. It wasn’t an easy task but the job is now complete and Horse’s ride just got a whole lot smoother. We’re finding browsing much easier and the feedback from Riders has been positive… so thank you!
And, of course, being Horse Browser, we had to give it a cute name and logo. So we named it Saddlepack (and, yes, the logo’s likeness to any other password manager is purely coincidental! 😉 🐎) .
Saddlepack was built with security as a top priority, so you can trust your sensitive information is secure and there’s no data telemetry involved.
To enable Saddlepack, it’s super simple: just shut down Horse Browser to update to the latest version and you can start saving your passwords immediately. Access Saddlepack anytime at Menu > Settings (Cmd + , on Windows and  Linux or ⌘, on Mac).
You’ll also see some more new features in the latest update… More on those next time!

Podcast appearance 🎙️

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Last month, I also spoke with the awesome @kirupa on his podcast. We spoke about my design career (which now spans a slightly scary 20 years!) and what I think makes the best design team.
It was my first time appearing on a podcast but it was super fun to chat and I hope I’ll get to do a bit more of these things in the future. You can watch the full interview over on YouTube.

A bit of fun 🤩

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Oh, and we also had some silly fun and celebrated Elly’s birthday. Running a start up is hard work and we’ve been learning a lot about how to prioritise, if & how to hire contractors and how to keep focused. After a few mis-steps, we’ve realised the key is to keep a strong hold of the reins ourselves and to always have our eyes on where we’re heading.
So, here’s to the Password Manager, growing Horse Browser and learning lessons along the way!
Thanks for being on the Trail with us,
Pascal & Elly