How To Save Open Tabs In Your Browser

Apr 20, 2024 01:42 PM
How To Save Open Tabs in Your Browser
If you conduct internet research or work online, you’ll be all-too-familiar with the pain of losing your open tabs and research progress, due to a browser crash or accidental shutdown. It's a common occurrence that disrupts productivity and wastes hours of hard work.
In this post, we’ll share how to save open tabs in your browser so that you never encounter this frustrating problem again. As a solution, we’ll introduce you to Horse Browser, a new browser that was specifically designed to solve this issue.

➤ Switching to Horse Browser To Save Your Open Tabs

Horse Browser is an innovative new web browser, designed to help you manage internet research and always save the websites you need, so they are ready and accessible whenever you open the web.

➤ How does Horse Browser work?

Horse Browser replaces Tabs with its own unique navigational method, named Trails. Every time you click on a link, a new page is opened on the Trail, creating nested pages that perfectly track your online research.
These Trails of pages appear as vertical lists in your sidebar, acting as your History, Bookmarks and Tabs in one. You can delete, move, re-name and customise pages in your Trails to efficiently organise your online research.

➤ How to Save Open Pages in Horse Browser

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To save open pages in Horse Browser, simply follow the instructions below:
  • Close or quit Horse Browser as normal:
      1. Click on the X at the top of your browser to close the browser temporarily
      1. Right click on the browser icon and choose Quit or go to Menu > Horse > Quit Horse to fully quit the browser. Quitting will run any pending updates.
  • As Horse Browser closes or quits, all your pages and Trails are automatically saved, just like a Notes App.
  • Re-open Horse Browser and find everything you need, conveniently stored in the sidebar.

In Conclusion

In this post, we learnt how to use Horse Browser to save open Tabs.
By using Horse Browser, you can automatically save all your open pages and sites, whenever you close, quit or even update your browser. So you will never lose your open Tabs again.
If you undertake a lot of research or work online, we highly recommend switching to Horse Browser to safely save your online research and sites. To find our more about Horse Browser, visit here.