How to Customise Your Browser With Emojis

Apr 13, 2024 07:59 PM
How to Customise Your Browser With Emojis
Don’t you think browsing the web could be prettier than the cluttered tabs you see every time you open Chrome or Safari?
Horse Browser is the new browser built to combine code & design and inject some fun into the browsing experience.

A beautifully designed browser

Horse Browser replaces ugly cluttered tabs with Trails. Every time you click a link, Horse Browser opens a new page on the Trail, merging your tabs, history and bookmarks into one easy-to-read elegant, vertical layout.
Its minimalist design makes your desktop look so much more aesthetic!

Customising your browser

Not only does Horse Browser look so much better than Chrome, it is also highly customisable.
Today you’ll learn how to customise and personalise Horse Browser with your own custom icons and emojis… Now that deserves #HeartEyes and a smiley face, for sure!
notion image

Adding Emojis and Custom Icons

Using emojis and custom icons in Horse Browser is a super useful way to differentiate between pages and add some meaning to your Trails, at a quick glance.
  • Visit Menu > Edit > Emojis and Symbols to bring up the emoji menu and select the emojis or symbols you want to add to your text. Add those apple, sushi or cute heart symbols! It’s totally up to you.
  • To add a custom icon to your page or Trails, just click on the icon and select your preferred emoji. You can also remove the icon in the same way. Alternatively, right-click or click on ••• on the relevant page or Trail and select Set Icon.
With Horse Browser, you can customise your browser set-up and make it your own!