May 08, 2024

How to Block Ads with Horse Browser

Written by Eleanor McKeown

How to Block Ads with Horse Browser

May 8, 2024 04:52 PM
How to Block Ads With Horse Browser - in-built as blocker for YouTube, Reddit and more
Research shows us that the average person is exposed to hundreds of ads on a typical day [1]. Of course, not all of these ads will consciously register on our radar, but the fact remains we’re constantly bombarded with adverts and much of this exposure takes place online, wasting time and hindering our productivity.
In this blog post, we’ll share how you can block annoying ads on the web. So you can finally watch ad-free YouTube tutorials and scroll Reddit for answers, without seeing adverts in your feeds. Read on to learn how to stop online ads for good.

➤ First up, why is it so important to block ads?

It may seem an inevitable, daily annoyance but there’s a hidden cost to online ads. Eye tracking technology has shown that internet users spend around 6.58% of their time looking at ads [2]. That means for every 10 minutes of navigation, a user spends on average 40 seconds on ads. And, since the average person spends 6.5 hours a day online [3], these seconds cumulatively add up to vast amounts of wasted time, over the course of months and years of internet use.
By blocking ads online, you can browse distraction-free and, most importantly, save valuable time.

➤ How can you block online ads?

One of the best and most secure ways to block online ads is to use an internet browser that comes with an in-built ad blocker.
In this blog post, we will share information about Horse Browser, a new web browser designed for online research. Horse Browser offers a range of cleverly-designed features, aimed to help you focus and become more productive online. One of these features is a powerful in-built ad blocker that prevents you from becoming distracted by annoying online ads.

➤ What is Horse Browser and how does it work?

Horse Browser is an innovative new web browser, designed to help you organise internet research and say goodbye to messy Tabs. Horse Browser replaces Tabs with its own unique navigation method, named Trails.
Every time you click on a link, a new page is opened on the Trail, creating nested pages in your Sidebar that perfectly track your online research. Trails act as your History, Bookmarks and Tabs in one. You can delete, move, re-name and customise pages in your Trails to efficiently organise your online research.
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➤ How to Block Ads with Horse Browser

Blocking Ads with Horse Browser is a very simple process, since Horse Browser’s in-built Ad Blocker is turned on by default. This means that, as soon as you have downloaded and installed Horse Browser, you can start browsing ad-free.
For increased flexibility, you can also enable and disable it manually. To turn on Ad Blocker manually in Horse Browser, visit Menu > Settings
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You will then be directed to the Settings page where you can enable or disable the Ad Blocker.
notion image
Alternatively, you can directly enable the Ad Blocker from the Menu itself. Visit Menu > View > Enable Ad Blocker.
notion image
If you wish to turn off Ad Blocker, you can likewise go to Menu > View > Disable Ad Blocker.
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➤ In conclusion

Using Horse Browser’s in-built Ad Blocker is an easy process. And, because it is built into the browser, you can rest assured that the feature is secure. You won’t need to install any insecure third-party extensions, which can cause security and privacy breaches.
By using blocking ads with Horse Browser, you can browse distraction-free and focus on what really matters. And, because you’re no longer slowed down by clicking on or closing ads, you’ll find you’re much more efficient and productive online. To learn more about Horse Browser and to try it for yourself, visit here.
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