May 08, 2024

A Guide To Duplicate Tabs in Horse Browser

Written by Eleanor McKeown

A Guide To Duplicate Tabs in Horse Browser

May 8, 2024 05:06 PM
A Guide to Duplicate Tabs in HorseBrowser. Learn how to duplicate tabs in Horse Browser, the new browser for research
Horse Browser is a new web browser, designed for online research. As you browse, every link opens in a new page and is saved on a Trail, a list of nested pages stored in your sidebar. This means you can keep track of research and say goodbye to the messy tabs you’re used to.
In this post, we’ll explore how to prevent duplicate tab clutter with Horse Browser. And we’ll also learn quick shortcuts to create duplicate tabs, for times when you need to double up.

➤ The problem with duplicate tab clutter

Ever found yourself Googling the same thing twice just to avoid navigating through a jungle of open tabs? Next thing you know, you've got ten duplicate tabs clogging up your browser. With traditional browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, and Edge, the problem of duplicate tabs is all too familiar.
You're in the middle of drafting an email in one tab, get sidetracked, only to return and re-open your inbox in a new tab... where you start composing the same email all over again! Result? Doubled-up work and effort, and a browser cluttered with unnecessary tabs.

➤ Horse Browser redirects to stop duplicate tab clutter

Horse Browser automatically re-directs you, whenever you accidentally open the same page twice. So you’ll always be taken to the original page, rather than opening up a new one. This helps keep your browser clutter-free. And saves you time searching through the same tabs over-and-over.

➤ Creating duplicate tabs in Horse Browser

Although duplicate tabs can cause a cluttered browser, there are also times that you want to duplicate your tabs, depending on your work flow. For this reason, Horse Browser allows you to easily duplicate a page, whenever you need to complete a specific task or start a new Trail of internet research.
To create a duplicate page, simply visit Menu > File > Duplicate Trail

➤ Quick keyboard shortcuts to duplicate tabs

If you’re a keyboard power user, Horse Browser also provides some quick shortcuts to duplicate tabs.
Mac users: ++ D
Windows / Linux users: Ctrl + Shift + D

➤ In conclusion

In this post, you learnt how Horse Browser automatically re-directs users to prevent duplicate tab clutter. Horse Browser also makes it simple to duplicate tabs, when your workflow calls for it. You can either use keyboard shortcuts or visit the Menu to perform this action.
To learn more about Horse Browser, visit here. Or read more how-to guides in our Manual blog series.
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