A Birthday Break

Apr 13, 2024 08:09 PM
A Birthday Break
Posted on 19th December 2023 by Pascal Pixel.
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After working flat-out this year, I’ve realised how hard it can be to balance work and life as an indie maker. I spoke a bit about it on Twitter recently. Getting it off my chest and receiving lots of supportive messages really helped.
And I took some time to celebrate my birthday with pals, including the guys from the awesome Typefully. I think it's really important to pace yourself as you’re building a new product. I’ve learnt my lesson. Hurray for accepting help and seeing your buddies!
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And here I am last night, slowly getting back to work… easing in gently with a little brainstorming session. Sometimes, it helps to step away from coding, pick up my tablet and do some scribbling by hand.
Here’s to taking a break sometimes!
Yours in code and kindling,
Pascal Pixel