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Let's organise the internet with Turn your browser into your very own productivity system.

Browsers are broken, designed by big corporations that profit from keeping you distracted.
Horse Browser fixes everything with its unique design, replacing Tabs with Trails.
Horse Browser captures each internet journey you make as a Trail of nested pages so you can:
Switch tasks easily
Keep track of your online research
Organise your workflows and to-do list
Find the pages you need whenever you are online
No more googling the same page over and over. No more losing your place online. No more searching your History and Bookmarks. No more hitting the back button on repeat.
Your pages are always waiting for you whenever you open up Horse Browser, just like a Notes App. So you'll never lose that important site you need again!

Who is Horse Browser for?

Anyone who spends a lot of time online, whether you're working at your 9-5, juggling different freelance projects, researching academic papers, deep-focus coding, deep-diving gift shopping or finding pretty decor for your new place.
It's also great for anyone with focus issues. Horse Browser was built with ADHD in mind and is a brilliant way to free yourself from distractions.
Horse Browser is a browser for Mac, a browser for Windows, and a browser for Linux… We are building the browser for everyone!

Who developed Horse Browser?

Horse Browser is built by indie maker, Pascal Pixel.
Horse isn't funded by venture capital and is, instead, fully-funded by its subscription model. So Horse Browser won't sell your data. By using Horse Browser, you are supporting a different way of using the web. Horse Browser is made in full compliance with EU privacy law and built here in sunny Lisbon.

How does the subscription work?

Choose between monthly or best-value annual or lifetime access. Whatever fits your life.
Please feel free to share this page with your friends, family and colleagues, who could benefit from Horse Browser. Your support means everything to us! 🫶