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Discover a browser that was built for work.

Explore Horse Browser; a minimalist internet browser that respects your privacy. Discover the internet experience that you were promised - before marketers ruined everything.

Browse without distractions:

Stay focused and organised with Trails®.

Block adverts and trackers.

Surf safely with EU data compliance.

14-day money-back guarantee

Horse Browser helps to restore my mental context whenever I return to a research problem after a break.
Ian Wagner - Founder

Tabs Suck

Tabs are a windowless casino. And 'tab groups' can't help.

Someone screwed up. Internet browsers got it right the first time. Early explorers tracked each journey with a simple, tree-like hierarchy - so they always knew where they started.

Marketers ruined the internet.

Websites became cash cows to push content and sell products - and they weaponised distraction.

Browsers became transactional.

Your work is an obstacle to an advertising brand that wants you to spend money online.

Tab groups can’t help.

Your browser was built like a windowless casino. But you need a clear view that keeps you focused on your goals.


Stay focused with Trails® - an intuitive way to browse and work.

Trails® fix everything. Browse the internet with one simple sidebar that organises every page, task and project inside ‘Trails®’ - nested groups that capture the natural flow of each internet journey.

Trails® establish a simple parent-child hierarchy.

You can name, organise and even add an emoji to any Trail to transform it into a group or folder.

Build a system that suits your workflow and organisational strategy - with Trails®.

Browse with Trails®

Start each journey with a fresh Trail. You can close or open any Trail with a click - so it’s easy to switch tasks and clear your deck.

Explore Side-Trails®

Open each new page in a ‘Side-Trail’ that belongs to a parent Trail - so you can explore complex search journeys in seconds.

Customise your Trails®

Transform your Trails® into a flexible organisation system. Use names and emoji icons to identify each Trail and Side-Trail.

Enjoy a simple sidebar

Horse Browser offers a minimalist search experience, with your Trails® in one simple sidebar - and a vast expanse of screen real estate.


Use Trails® as folders. Just add a fresh Trail, set an emoji and a name - then drag-and-drop in pages for any website or tool.


Create groups for topics and use Side-Trails® as sub-topics to create a page organisation system that’s more flexible than bookmarks.

Horse Browser helps me navigate the labyrinth that is the apple developer documentation.
Neil Chudleigh - Founder


Achieve more with an internet browser that’s built to help you win.

Horse Browser is an action-focused browser. Our business model is simple. We build features that help you to work faster - and we hope that you’ll tell your friends to download Horse Browser.

You can scroll down to our product roadmap to discover our plans for the future.

Here are some of our favourite features.

Dark reader

Switch on ‘dark reader’ to intelligently remove white space and protect your health - whenever you need to work late.

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate faster with built-in keyboard shortcuts, a minimalist browser - and an organisation system that puts you in control.

Download manager

Manage and track your download queue with the simple and intuitive download manager that’s already built into Horse Browser.

Built-in search

Search straight from any Trail. Launch a new tab and type your query to get a fast answer from your favourite search engine.

Trail control

Trails open each link in a child tab by default. But you can disable this function - or disable Trails at a domain level, eg. for web apps.

And more…

‘Undo’ for tab close. ‘Find’ within page. Popup support. Picture-in-picture support - and many new features under development.

Horse Browser is a game-changer. It's my default docs viewer and my go-to for research tasks.
Robert Roskam - Engineering Manager


Protect your privacy with Horse Browser - the browser that fights adverts.

Horse Browser has your back. Explore the internet with a browser that blocks trackers, defends your data - and gives you total search engine freedom.

Most new internet browsers are developed on a codebase that was built by a multi-billion dollar advertising company. Yikes.

Horse Browser was designed to help you finish tasks. And it’s built in the European Union - so it complies with the EU’s tough data privacy laws.

Your data will never be a Horse Browser product.

Privacy assured

Relax. Horse Browser will never collect, track or sell your data. Our business model is simple: build and sell an awesome browser.


Browse with confidence. Horse Browser will quietly block any website adverts and trackers to protect your privacy and personal data.

Password manager

Store your passwords directly in Horse Browser so you can access any websites with minimal friction.

Search engine freedom

Search with your favourite engine. Choose from Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia, Brave, Baidu, Yandex, Kagi, and Qwant.

EU compliance

Horse Browser is built and maintained in the EU, so it complies with the world’s toughest data privacy standards - like GDPR.

No account needed

We don’t care who you are. Just buy a licence key, download Horse Browser - and browse in private. We’ll never bother you again.

Built in Public

Check out the Horse Browser product roadmap.

Horse Browser is built in public. You can follow us on X or join our mailing list for occasional updates.


  • Page Trails®
  • URL Bars in Pages
  • Group Pages
  • Collapse Page Groups
  • Drag-and-Drop Pages
  • Custom Page Name
  • Custom Page Icon
  • Folders
  • Adblock
  • Password Manager
  • Dark Reader
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Find in Page
  • Undo Tab Close
  • Downloads
  • History
  • Pop-up Support
  • Picture in Picture Support
  • Collapse Sidebar
  • Duplicate Tab Prevention
  • No Duplicate Tab Titles
  • Configurable Search Provider
  • Exclude Domains from Trails®
Operating Systems
  • Windows Support
    Windows Logo
  • Mac Support
    Mac Logo
  • Linux Support
    Linux Logo


  • Translation
  • Swipe Gestures
  • Onboarding
  • Slide-over Sidebar
  • Downloads as Pages


  • Sessions (Incognito)
  • Widevine (Netflix, etc)
  • Screen Sharing
  • Multi-window
  • Splitscreen Pages
  • Command Palette
  • Find in All Pages
  • Media player controls
  • Find in Page
  • Offline Pages
  • Configurable Shortkeys
  • 3rd-party Password Managers
  • Google Chrome Extensions


Track Horse Browser in the wild.

Horse Browser enjoys regular updates. Development's funded by our users – with no nasty VCs.

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since coding began
code changes
9 days
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since first release
total releases
9 days
since latest release
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Still obsessing about how there is actually a better UX that we could be using in our browsers. Horse Browser has quickly become my go-to browser for focused work.
Ian Johnson - Co-founder, Lasso AI

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